The Adventure on Pike’s

Lovely. 🙂 -David Knopp ,

Fantastic story…thanks for sharing!-James Spann, CBM Chief Meterologist, ABC 33/40 @spann

Amazing description of the trip…Cheering for you!-Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries,

You have a beautiful gift of writing!-Linda Flores

Suz. Your storytelling is a thing of magic!-Rachel Khattar

So wish I could’ve gone.-Nate Jarrett

Nice work Wolf Mountain Girl!-Jason Bickley

Thanks Suz! That was so fun to relive! You write well!-Ben Lindberg

What a crazy fun hike! It made me miss Summit and the people and the mountains!-Thomas Yaste

Lovedddd the mountain story! Best one yet.-Lance Barnett