The Little Things

It’s the little things. The little things you lose. The little things God cares about.

14339302_845801738854764_469485560_oRecently, on a plane ride home from spending the summer in Colorado, I lost track of this one specific phone cable I would need to use with my new phone case to listen to the audio output on the device via headphones. But I had lost it. Without the chord, I would have to remove my already fractured phone from my case, which I promptly did…I had to listen to my tunes…but in doing so I risked damaging both the phone and the protective case in the process.

Great. That was my first thought. Now I’ve gone and lost something again. Great job Suz! Now I’m going to bust the case or further injure my already damaged screen on my phone!  But then in the midst of my frustration, I reached out and asked God to help me find the chord. After that I settled back in my seat and thought about the goodbyes I had just endured and the things I would have to face upon my landing.


It was the same thing. I was freaking out because I had lost control or comfort or friends…And I wanted or needed it to face the things that lay ahead. -To protect and accommodate my fractured heart. Slowly, I relinquished the frustration and anxiety I felt about these things as well.

It was after I had landed and was making my way to the Baggage Claim and the things that loomed ahead of me that I found the chord. Right where I had placed it in my tech bag in my backpack. It had been RIGHT THERE all along.

It was a simple lesson. If I could trust God to help me find one simple thing, I could continue to trust Him to help me find, pursue, and heal the other little things that I needed in my life.

He could take care of it. He’ll take care of the rest.

He’ll take care of the rest.


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