“We can fix that.”

“We can fix that.”

I blinked back tears.

It’s been a year since I ran a half marathon in Huntsville, AL and injured myself. After many months of trying different shoes, listening to doctors and chiropractors, and even trying different diets, I am still unable to run or even stand without pain for extended periods of time.

“We can fix that.”

After telling her about my daily experience, my physical therapist said it with such confidence that I wanted to hug her.

I’ve learned a lot through this healing process. For instance, pain is not a problem to be pushed through but something to learn and listen to as your body tries to tell you something. Some things you just cannnot learn the easy way.

As I continue down this road of recovery, I deeply respect my physical therapist’s patience and confidence as she coaches me through each session. Helping me help my body to learn to position itself correctly again.

“We can fix that.”

There is such hope in that statement. It’s amazing how when you know that someone believes you can do something how your outlook is changed suddenly from despair to elation. It gives you a little more courage to get up and face the world each day.

Go tell someone you believe in them today and they just might change the world tomorrow. 55ECE7D6-6070-47DC-BE64-A12D90B09646.JPG


All photos are subject to copyright of the wolfmountaingirl.

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