It had been a long day for Suz. A long week really. The retail life could be a drag sometimes and often she thought she saw the worst in humanity. They had all started to look the same…she thought they looked like zombies in a way. They all seemed to get that same far off look in their eyes and they answered the same questions over and over, even though they were each individually different people. And she was a zombie too…making the same moves, answering the same way. They probably wouldn’t even notice if she was a robot.

“How are you? I’m doing well. How can I help you? Will this be all for you today? Did you find what you were looking for?” And so the rhythm went, droning on.

He set his bananas down and set his milk beside them. “How are you today, sir?”

“The question is how are you?”

“I’m doing alright.” She reached for his bananas to weigh them…to go through the motions. It’s what she did. She couldn’t interrupt the rhythm. He stopped her. “No. You aren’t. You ARE great.” She looked at him then. He was old enough to be her father, maybe older. The white hair showed starkly against his dark skin. “What?” she couldn’t help but ask. It was as if all the noise that she hadn’t noticed was there in the first place suddenly quieted. “It’s not what you DO, but who you ARE,” he continued. Then he let her pick up the bananas.

“It’s not what you DO, but who you ARE.”

He had broken it. Broken the rythm. He was real and the fog was beginning to lift from her brain. She was intrigued. “What do you mean by that?” She asked. “If you say…I’m doing this way or that way…you let your circumstances define who you are. But you were made GREAT by God and that is who you are. So, how are you?”


She smiled. How long had it been since she had smiled? It felt like ages. “I am great.”

Thank you sir.


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