I just finished reading JUST DO SOMETHING by Kevin DeYoung for the third time. Kevin is very practical and does not withhold from shooting straight in making his point.


In this book, Kevin points out that my generation is very good at doing nothing and that we may be using the excuse that we are waiting for God’s will to be revealed to us before we do anything. When in all reality, we may need to get up, seek first the kingdom of God, Just DO SOMETHING, and get off the long road to nowhere.

It’s time to get off the long road to nowhere.


One reason why my generation of Millennials is incapable of doing much until later in life is that we have too many choices. Kevin points out the Latin deriviative of De-Cide: dēcīdere literally, to cut off, equivalent to dē- de- + -cīdere (combining form of caedere to cut)”(http://www.dictionary.com/browse/decide). I can see this evidenced in my society and in my own life, especially in America where the American idealism is promoted that I can literally be anything that I want. Sometimes we don’t decide to do anything because the fact is, we are just too overwhelmed and we are too afraid to limit our choices. I know I am!Moreover, we don’t want to make a decision because we are cowards and we are afraid of the future-and as I just mentioned, we don’t want to limit our choices.

But God holds the future. “God’s plans include risk.-And sometimes an opportunity to show courage…” and, “We risk because God does not risk (DeYoung, 2009, pg. 36, 46). We should have courage and take a risk and Adventure for God.

I want to show courage.

“God’s plans include risk.-And sometimes an opportunity to show courage…”-Kevin DeYoung

In addition, Kevin warns us to stay away from using God’s will as an excuse to become more pious in not making a decision.

What God does call us to is wisdom. The way of wisdom is a way of life. This way? Seek first the Kingdom of God… (Matthew 6:33). We do this by 1) Seeking His Word, 2) seeking godly council, and 3) seeking Him in prayer. This simple formula can be used on everything when we make decisions…decisions on what job to apply for, and whom to marry, among other things.

God also calls us to be holy. His will for us is our sanctification.-growing more and more like Him every day. “You can be just about anything you want as long as you aren’t lazy and whatever you do, you perform to the glory of God” (pg. 100-101).

The way of wisdom is a way of life.

All of this boils down to the fact that I need to do SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. I must step out, have confidence that God holds my future, knowing that His will for my life is my sanctification, make a decision, and just do something for His glory.


Thanks Kevin.



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DeYoung, K. (2009) pg. 36, 46, 100, 101. JUST DO SOMETHING: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will. Chicago, IL: Moody.

Matthew 6:33 New King James Version


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